Feel GREATER after reading GREATER

Jeff Lawson

5 Stars

August 22, 2012

Typically I read a book in a day or two. This one took me nearly a month. There is soooo much material packed in the 190 pages. I feel so much closer to God. I am thankful to Steven Furtick for writing it.

Furtick begins with rogue quotes like, "Baseline living is not ok. Not for a believer in Jesus" and "Greatness=the vague, unrealistic aspirations of doing better that don't work in real life." I wrestled with both quotes for several days to wrap my mind around it. Then I dug deeper. I came to chapter three where he writes, "This brings us to the crucial first step for breaking away from the inertia of good enough: igniting God's vision starts with becoming more acutely aware of God's presence in your life." Wow does this resonate with me!

Chapter four is where Furtick talks about Elisha burning the plows and he says, "Some people never get greater because they're not willing to leave good behind." That is absolutely genius! It expounds and underlines those things that Jim Collins writes in Good to Great.

Another quote, this one from chapter nine, Furtick writes, "It only stands to reason: If it wasn't about Jesus, then it definitely isn't about you. or me. or anyone else." We live in such a "ME": centered and selfish world. When will we get that it is not about us. Only Jesus!

I loved this book and the way it outlined the life of the amazing prophet Elisha. I highly recommend it to all Followers of Christ!