Back to life...

Deborah Hightower

4 Stars

August 22, 2012

Dr. Neal tells the story of her life, death, and re-entry to life as we know it. An easy and quick read, she tells the story of her drowning, visiting heaven, conversating with the angels and Jesus, and then her pick up of life after healing from the accident. We have read about and heard stories from others about near death experiences, but none quite like Dr. Neal. Often times, science and faith have a way of conflicting when explaining these type experiences. It is clear that her faith was an integral part of her experience and healing process. The quotes used fit wonderfully well with her overall message. She could have described her heaven experience in more detail; however, what she did share was woven into the rest of her life's experience to make the book a good read. I found the book to be inspiring and think others will too.