Come on, take some risks!

Paul Mastin

4 Stars

August 21, 2012

Jason Jaggard, founder of Spark Good, has a goal for you. He wants you to take some risks. In his Spark groups, participants are encouraged each week to do something risky to improve themselves or others as a means of getting outside their comfort zone and finding their passion. His new book Spark: Transform Your World, One Small Risk at a Time attempts to capture the spirit of the Spark groups in book form. I've never been to a Spark group, but I suspect they are more inspiring than the book. That said, Spark does give a spark of inspiration and challenge.

Some of Spark falls into the mold of a pretty traditional most of self-help, inspirational, you-can-do-it book. Jaggard's unique contribution is the risk that he challenges the reader to take. If we can genuinely set self aside, set pride aside, and listen to God's leadership, where might God take us? What might we accomplish or achieve? Jaggards peppers Spark with biblical examples as well as examples from the lives of Spark group participants and others to pave the way for our own steps toward risk and fulfillment. His light, engaging tone is easy to read and easy to follow down the path of most resistance. I would anticipate that Spark would be best used as a springboard into a Spark group, a starting place for stepping out into real risk.

Thanks to Waterbrook Multnomah for the complimentary review copy.