Yes, I Was!

Denise Drespling

4.5 Stars

August 19, 2012

In You Were Born for This, Bruce Wilkinson, author of the popular Prayer of Jabez, creates a simple guideline for anyone to be a deliverer of miracles. Full of lots of great testimonies and examples, this book shows that it does not take someone super spiritual to do Heaven’s work; it only takes someone who is willing and available. Once we open our hearts and ask God to use us, He will in amazing ways!

You’ve probably heard people talk about God stories—those ones that give you goose bumps because of the timing and words spoken. Have you ever thought, “I wish that would happen to me”? According to Wilkinson’s guidelines, you first must follow the 4 Miracle Keys, which prepare a heart to do God’s work. These keys include: heartfelt prayer to God to be used, making your heart ready to love people like God does, getting rid of false hesitations and partnering with Heaven, and deciding to take the necessary risk to step out in faith. After you learn how to know that God is pointing you to someone, the next keys are the 3 delivery keys and will show you how to read the signs for: financial miracles, abandoned dreams, and the need for forgiveness.

Wilkinson makes the process so easy and includes enough testimonies from everyday people that this book will leave you truly believing anyone can be a miracle deliverer. I was both inspired and encouraged, and look forward to being used by God in amazing ways. I know that I have what it takes, and yes, even I was born for this.

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.