Not a feel good book, but a good but regardless

Molly Wagner

3.5 Stars

August 18, 2012

This is definitely not a "feel good" book, nor is it meant to be.

You walk with Hannah Ryan and those surrounding her life as she deteriorates emotionally. The loss that Hannah suffers at the hand of a drunk driver is one that no one would ever wish for, yet it happens daily in the real world. As I read this book, I honestly had to keep reminding myself it was a fictional story. Your heart aches for her and her daughter. Scripture from Lamentations is weaved throughout Waiting for Morning, and rightly so, as Hannah feels so far away from the loving God she thought she knew.

While I was on the outside looking into their lives, I felt extremely frustrated at times with Hannah and her treatment of those around her, especially her youngest daughter. I wanted to just shake some sense into her. I longed to take her child into my own arms and just be there for her in the way her own mother wasn't.

There is a light in the darkness at the conclusion of this book, which I was thankful for, as Hannah realizes that this life is impossible without God, even and especially in the hardest moments. Waiting for Morning is a novel that is different than any of the others I've ever read by Karen Kingsbury. It's not an easy read emotionally. I can't say that I completely enjoyed the book, but I did finish it and contemplate it for quite sometime afterwards. Having never personally experienced such a traumatic event in my life as Hannah does, it left me to wonder if I would react differently? Ultimately, you realize this is a powerful story of forgiveness that can only come from the One who is greater than we are.