Finding Our Way Home- Charlene Ann Baumbich

Dawn Green

3.5 Stars

August 17, 2012

Charlene Ann Baumbich is the award winning author of the Dearest Dorothy series. She writes both fiction and non-fiction and has a way of wording her stories so that you feel like you truly know the characters.

"Finding Our Way Home" is an intriguing story interlacing the lives of two very different women. Sasha Davis is an injured prima ballerina who is having to piece back together who broken life by overcoming her anger and bitterness. Evelyn Burt is a young lady with more energy and zeal for life that she knows what to do with. When Sasha hires Evelyn to be her live in assisstant they cannot help but blend their lives together.

Evelyn eventually teaches Sasha to look past the hardships and terrible situation she is in and to rely on the strength of God to pull her out of her dark place. Sasha in return helps Evelyn see that she never needs to settle and that life doesn't always take the path we think it might.

I would recommend reading "Finding Our Way Home". It has a somewhat slow start, but Baumbich makes the characters of Sasha and Evelyn come to life.