Jesus and Jesus Alone

Pamela Kliewer

5 Stars

August 16, 2012

Never has a book (other than the Bible) challenged me as much as Simply Jesus by Joseph Stowell. This is not a book that should be read quickly; I read it rather slowly probably over the course of a month or more. I did hurry a bit through it at the end so I could get this review written.

If I had read this book as a print copy rather than as an e-book, and I showed it to you, you would probably see highlighting on every page, possibly at times, whole pages highlighted. You might also see things written in the margins.

There were many times while reading that I said, "Wow." or had tears in my eyes, or actually flowing down my cheeks... it's a book I want to read again, even slower, and journal on as I use it during my quiet times.

I don't know if I can find just one nugget to give you... this book is about making Jesus front and center in our lives, and truly living our lives for Him and letting Him live His life through us. It's about experiencing Jesus. Getting to know Him, not just knowing about Him.

As the author says, "You can be satisfied to just know about Him, or you can enter into experience with Jesus. Only you can make the choice. And this choice determines the difference between religion as usual or the satisfaction of connecting with Jesus, the One we were created to enjoy."

He also says a little further on: "Jesus never intended to connect only with your head; He lives to connect with the entire you. In fact, He sent His Holy Spirit to make the total connection possible, and gave us His Word to show the way. And, regardless of who you are or how you have chosen to live your life, you can know the pleasure of His presence. Up close and personal."

Those two quotes are just from the first chapter. This little book (62 pages) is packed with nuggets that could be mined over and over again... shared and talked about with others, and then mined some more. I did share parts of it with my husband as I read. It was well worth sharing and talking about.

The author writes in a way that is easily understood, with no words minced, but there is no condemnation in his words. Everything he writes is based on Scripture, and challenged me, as I said at the beginning of this review, in a way that no other book ever has. I plan on reading this book again... and again. I also hope to find hard copies to purchase and give away.

I received this book free from WaterBrook Multnomah in exchange for his review. The opinions expressed are my own.