Finding the path!!

Anthony Combs

4 Stars

August 14, 2012

What are you here for? What are you passionate about? What do you want to accomplish for God?

You could probably start putting a list together that could go on and on an on and on. That seems to me what happens every time a challenge is issued in a church and someone motivates people to take action.

Or, when a pastor tells people that they are gifted from God and they need to put their gifts to work. People hear a list of spiritual gifts and try to pick out the ones that they desire and try to run with it (we all have heard someone say that they wanted to sing a special song because God gave it to them, only to find out during the first chorus that clearly, God did not give them this song).

This book is a great tool for a person to used to not only unlock the passion and desire to do something for God, but also to help them have a better understanding of the best way to get it done.

Craig Groeschel once again uses his penchant for technology to open up the world of Chazown (although for the longest time, I thought about pepperoni, sausage and cheese calzones) and helps people identify their passions and their gifts and map out a way to make them both work.

The interactive features on the website ( great at helping get a better understanding and if one truly prays their way through this book, there is no way that God won't open some doors that need to be opened to help them truly accomplish His work on this Earth.