"Unstoppable" by Nick Vujicic

Lindsey Narmour

5 Stars

August 13, 2012

There are so many incredible stories dangling in the world like so many Christmas ornaments, and unfortunately, few people with words to speak ever speak them--thankfully, Nick Vujicic has decided to share his amazing story with the world.

Real-life accounts of accidents, heaven-and-back experiences, or a victory tale of overcoming insurmountable odds all tend to be a toss-up in how they jive with the reader's walk with the Lord. Happily, Nick's honest, quick-witted style and gritty encouragement resonates with so many readers because he is 'the whole person'--he writes of the physical and emotional fulfillment of anyone undergoing trials in their lives, be it an accident or birth defect or 'even losing a pet' as he said at one point in this book. Instead of swinging in the dangerous direction of putting everything in God's lap for Him to handle, Nick takes responsibility for living out the life he was given, even though at birth he had no arms or legs. He speaks honestly of his meltdowns and anger while growing up with his personal thorn in the side, but it's obvious that he demonstrates Christ the way the blind man demonstrated such by being a vessel for God's will. Instead of sitting around whining about what he has been given as a trial to overcome, Nick has found ways to live with his 'vessel potential.'

Underneath the title, it reads, 'The incredible power of faith in action,' and truly that is what this book trembles with--faith given hands and feet even when Nick himself had none. From his heartfelt words recounting the bullying he endured as a schoolboy, to his precious 'love at first sight' story, to his ministry now, Nick is a powerful image and a prime example of what God can do with willing followers.

I received this book for free from Waterbrook-Multnomah. Purchase this book at Amazon or the WBM website.