A Sound Among the Trees by Susan Meissner

Melysah Bunting

3 Stars

August 7, 2012

A Sound Among the Trees by Susan Meissner is a story about a historic house and the family that has lived there for generations. The women of Holly Oak feel as if they've been cursed by the actions of it's past tenets. Susannah Page is believed to have been a Civil War spy for the North. Everyone thinks she haunts the house.

Marielle is the newest women to enter into the mix. She recently married Susannah's great-granddaughter Adelaide's grandson-inlaw Carson. Carson's first wife was Adelaide's granddaughter. But he still lives in the house at Holly Oak for the sake of the two children. It's their only memory they still have of their mother Sara.

This is a historic fiction novel. It has southern charm. It has mystery. It has emotion. All of which I enjoyed.

Until I got to page 200. You can read (as Marielle is reading) all of Susannah Page's letters to her cousin. All 100 pages of them. Now this may, or may not, hinder your interest. I wasn't all that thrilled to read 100 pages of Susannah Page's daily activities. The purpose of the letters was to set the record straight as to what happened at Holly Oak and all this cursed business. But I'd have rather read five to ten pages of her letters.

So I was all in at the beginning. The pace lost me in the middle. And then the book came to a moderate end. The characters and writing are good. I guess, I was just looking for more of a mystery/thriller. But it's geared more toward a light-heated religious theme.