Help with Trusting

Larissa Smith

4 Stars

August 3, 2012

Isn’t trusting God so much more easily said than done? But when it comes down to where the rubber meets the road, I find myself wanting to run in the opposite direction. So when I saw a copy of a book about trusting God, I picked it up, hoping for some encouragement. I found it!

"Trusting God: A Girlfriends in God Faith Adventure" is written by three women: Sharon Jaynes, Gwen Smith, and Mary Southerland. It’s a twelve-week devotional. Each week has five days’ worth of devotions and a sixth day that has questions for reflection or discussion. One of my favorite sections in the book was a list of promises from the Bible.

I found the devotions to be short, but applicable and very encouraging. There wasn’t a lot of condemnation, but gentle, loving encouragement.

Soaking in their reminders to trust in God for days on end has helped. I find myself freaking out a little less and inclined to trust a little more.

I received a free copy of this from Multnomah Books in exchange for an honest review.