Deron Henry

4.5 Stars

August 3, 2012

I never served in the military myself, but I have great respect for those men & women that do.  Even greater respect for those that have served in times past.  Maybe it's because of the stories my father & uncles shared with me over the years.  Stories from the Vietnam War, The Korean Conflict, and even back the WW II.  I also love stories about those individuals that overcome impossible odds to live extremely successful lives.  Not success in a worldly sense necessarily.  But success all the same.  Eric Blehm captures both of these in his book "Fearless."   "Fearless" tells the life story of Adam Brown.  Adam was a small town boy with dreams like any other boy from the south.  He was athletic, popular, and friendly to every one he ever met.  Adam was the kid that everybody knew and liked.  However, one poor choice as a young adult sent his life in a downward spiral.  Before he knew it, Adam was addicted to crack and was destroying his life as well his relationships with those he loved and loved him.  At his darkest moment, Adam's parents called the police to have him arrested...which as it turns out...began the process of turning his life around.   Through a series of events, Adam Brown met and gave his heart and life to Jesus.  He met and married the love of his life.  And he enlisted into the United States Navy.  Adam has an attitude and desire that simply will not quit.  Being in the Navy was not enough for Adam.  His dream is to become a Navy Seal.  The Navy Seals are the most elite of all special ops units.  They are the best of the best.  Training to become a Seal takes more than two years and only about 20% of all that sign up complete the training.   The story of Adams life continues to grow and evolve.  He continues to struggle with and face his demons.  Sometimes losing and giving in.  But never giving up.  It reminds me that even though the demons I face are different, they are still real and still present in my life.  Adam's life gives me confidence to know that even though I give in sometimes in weak moments, I do not have to give up.  I can continue to fight because I know that Christ is with me.   I was moved to tears as I finished the book.  Reading of all the lives that Adam had touched.  The lives that God had used Adam to influence.  I never met Adam, but through "Fearless"I feel like I have.  I definitely wish that I would have.  I highly recommend "Fearless" to anyone who loves this great country, loves the Lord, or just simply loves a story of someone who makes a difference in others lives.   Deron