Good versus evil

Dolores Duncan

4 Stars

August 1, 2012

A new widow, Corrie Saunders, returns to the home where her deceased military husband Jared had grown up. The Ozark area of Saunders Creek was home to descendents of Appalachia. Those early settlers brought their traditions of witchcraft and spells with them, raising their children in the beliefs they had been taught. Jared’s family was no exception, but for one cousin and his mother. Eli has taken on the task of renovating the home place for Corrie and find that he is becoming protective of her. Knowing there is a stronger source of power than the beliefs of his relatives has led him to begin preaching in the local church. Eli’s faith is well grounded and he begins to question some of the things that are happening in the house. Things that Corrie believes are Jared trying to communicate with her. As Corrie begins to suspect that maybe it isn’t Jared at all, she also realizes that Jared may not have been the person she thought he was. As Eli and Corrie become better acquainted, she starts to see that the picture Jared presented to the world was not who the man really was. Selfish and self centered in life, his only act of putting others first resulted in his death. With this revelation, she begins to move beyond mourning for Jared and see that she has a full life ahead of her.

Skeptical at first about the choice of subject in The Widow of Saunders Creek, I did finish the book. Not my favorite reading material I was curious as to how it could be a Christian fiction book and still hold true to Christian beliefs and values. What I found was a very good explanation as to the differences between a relationship with God and witchcraft. I would recommend this book to someone who needed to see those differences as they began their walk with the Lord.

I have reviewed this book from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group giving it my honest evaluation.