Book Review: Fearless

Beckie Burnham

3 Stars

July 31, 2012

I have mixed feelings about Fearless, the account of real life hero and Navy SEAL, Adam Brown. While I feel that the story of Adam’s life — his childhood, troubled young adulthood, his journey to become a SEAL and the struggles he faced due to his one time addiction — is a triumph of God’s power and provision, I am reluctant to recommend it to just anyone because of the profanity and crude language it contains. I am not so naive to believe that the men our country trains to be our ultimate warriors are choir boys, but I am a little dismayed that Waterbrook (the publisher) chose not to edit the manuscript more closely. I say all this because while I feel Fearless is certainly a story worth reading, you (the future reader) should be aware of some of its content.

Fearless is the story of a real man. Adam Brown did have a lot of the characteristics of a super hero: grit and determination, the attitude that he would rather die than quit and a love of family and country not to be paralleled. But Adam was human as well. He hit bottom before joining the Navy — drugs, felony charges, and the loss of respect and trust of his family and friends. He struggled with the lure of drugs even into his Navy career. But his steadfast faith and the love of his wife brought Adam to be the man that could be used by his country and by his God. And the fact that he wanted his story, all of it, to be told is a testament to his trust in God and His power to change lives.

So should you read Fearless? If you want to know about a very courageous young man whose faith was in God and want to know a little of what our most elite warriors do to prepare and fight, then yes. But be aware that the language may offend.