Love at Last Sight

Missy Moore

4 Stars

July 31, 2012

Being a newlywed, I find myself very eager to read any and every book that has to do with love. I guess you can say that I'm interested in being the best wife for my husband! I found this book "Love at Last sight" to be very practical and helpful in the area of relationships. I am guilty of racing through life, not stopping to smell the roses...let alone, stopping to invest more in the relationships that God has blessed me with. This book is great for helping anyone and everyone grow to be present each day when communicating with people, those we love and those that we aren't too fond of. Even more, they challenge you to go to the next level and really be intentional in this area in discovering the other person's needs. This book is one that you will want to go back and read again and different seasons in life. It is definitely a lot of content and practical help in a short amount of time. There's so much to say and I feel as though I want to read this again very soon. Overall, a challenging and thought provoking read that will be sure to help your relationships if you apply it to your life.