The Fourth Fisherman

Marianne Barkman

5 Stars

July 31, 2012


Joe Kissack did an awesome job of writing the story of the 3 Mexican Fishermen who survived almost ten months on the ocean in 2006. By writing this story as a comparison between the faith that helped the fishermen as they battled the extreme difficulties and the problems we face in our life, he brought the reader into the story. It is very well written, and the simularities of the sharks of the ocean and the sharks of the world are clearly explained. By opening his own life to the public, he faced his own fears and insecurities, and so shows us how God can save us from our own trials. What do we have in common with mexican fishermen or the Joes of the Hollywood world? Well, we all have obsticles to overcome, whether it is our own natures, our childhood fears or attitudes. Honestly, I was reluctant to request this book because I did not think I would enjoy it. Once again, I was proved wrong, and am glad I stepped out of my comfort zone to read this. I saw things in a different way than I had before. I would rcommend this to everyone, whether you prefer non-fiction books or fiction novels.