“Wildflowers in Winter” is an Enjoyable Read

Beth Strand

4 Stars

July 23, 2012

The theme of going home again, especially when it means confronting your troubled past, may be used frequently but it still makes for good fiction. Character Bethany Quinn has no reason or desire to go home again, until she hears that her best childhood friend’s husband has suffered a brain anyurism and is on life support. Then she receives the news that her grandfather is in the hospital. Suddenly the pull of long-neglected relationships cannot be ignored. Completely unsure as to why she needs to do this, Bethany goes home to her grandfather’s house only to find it inhabited by the brusque new farm manager, Evan. Katie Ganshert pulls “Wildflowers in Winter” from the jaws of being just another “go back and face my past and meet my true love” story with good characters, an intriguing story line and an interesting process of personal growth on the part of Bethany Quinn. She trickles out the dark secrets of Bethany’s past with the precision of a mystery writer keeping you wondering until the secret is ready to spill out. There was a plot twist that throws the oppositional couple together that I found less than believable, but I was more than willing to suspend my disbelief and enjoy the characters and the story. This book was provided to me for this review through the Blogging for Books program.