To Heaven and Back

Terri Cureton

4.5 Stars

July 15, 2012

To Heaven and Back is an incredible story of how God worked in the life of Dr. Mary C. Neal, MD, and her extraordinary account of her death, heaven, angels and life again.

Too often I am so concerned and caught up in earthly matters that I cannot see past the nose on my face? Dr Neal reminded me over and over again how it is more important to give all my cares and worries to God and let Him take control: "If we can let go of the earthly logistics of life, live in faith, and give control to God, great things can happen and the supernatural can occur. Without God, our options are limited."

She also reminded me that miracles occur everyday in the lives of ordinary people. Most of us do not look for miracles, therefore we don't recognize them for what they really are. What an eye opener! Coincidence or God intervening with miracles in my life? I will be looking for more everyday and I want to be able to recognize those miracles; miracles that we are all a part of.

To Heaven and Back is a true story that will encourage you to be thankful and enjoy today but to lay up your treasures in heaven.