Waiting for Morning Review

Sharon Schoepe

5 Stars

July 8, 2012

Karen Kingsbury is a gifted writer whose work would appeal to anyone. Christian or not. In her latest book, Waiting For Morning, she addresses the tough issue of forgiveness. Each chapter begins with a bible verse that fits the subject. You watch as Hannah Ryan traverses the road of grief from anger to forgiveness. And you see Hannah and her daughter Jenny's relationship being torn apart from the crash to repaired and loving by the end of the book.

As a wife and Mother I frequently found myself wondering how I would react in Hannah's place. Would I have the strength to face such a devastating loss and find it within myself to forgive the person whose reckless behavior caused that loss.

I also enjoyed how the story alternated between Hannah and her daughter Jenny's point of view. That way you felt that you were getting that character's opinion of the events.

As Hannah Ryan waits for her family to return home from a camping trip, she realizes she has everything going for her—a husband other women admire, two charming teenage daughters, and a loving Christian home. As the sunny afternoon turns into twilight, her uneasiness grows along with the shadows. Then a car pulls into Hannah’s driveway, bringing two police officers...and devastating news that shatters her life forever.In the days that follow, Hannah struggles with unspeakable feelings of sorrow and rage—feelings that fuse into one chilling purpose for living: revenge against Brian Wesley, the drunk driver who has caused all her pain.In her fury, Hannah shuts the Lord out of her life. She’s determined not to forgive Wesley or the God who allowed this tragedy to happen. Can two caring people help Hannah rediscover her faith...before bitterness destroys her?

I give the book 5 stars and am looking forward to Karen Kingsbury's next book.