The Scent of the Cherry Blossoms - Another Great Book!

Tammy Graham

5 Stars

July 8, 2012

I have to say that this book didn't go where I thought it was going from the beginning. Annie seemed to have had a hard time fitting in even though she knew that she loved her Plain ways being a Mennonite. And the story behind the Cherry Orchard was so touching, what a loving story.

You can't help but to feel bad for Aden and his family because of the farming accident that left his father in pain daily and his brother in a wheelchair and with him and his mother with so much to do. The Amish faith that they have is so strong that is amazes me everyday.

I didn't realize that there was the conflict between the Mennonites and Amish when it came to relationships. Sometimes you can't help who you fall into love with.

This is another great book and I highly recommend to everyone. You can't go wrong with a book by Cindy Woodsmall!