Beloved Enemy Book Review

Jessica Wigal

5 Stars

July 7, 2012

Beloved Enemy by Al Lacy starts out at the beginning of the Civil War again. The main character and her father get jobs with Honest Abe; however, her father mainly turns out to be not so honest and brings his daughter down with him. The main character falls in love with a Union soldier. Her and her father makes her love interest believe her father just doesn’t want his daughter dating a soldier during war time. The true story is he doesn’t want her dating a northerner because he wants her to join him being a spy for the Confederacy. Some common traits among Al Lacy’s Battles of Destiny series seems to be it takes a while to build up to the main plot of the story. He also invents many twists and turns that will have you crying and fearing the worst before turning everything around. The many twists and turns are what make his stories so great. They keep you hoping and wondering how it will turn out. The one thing Al Lacy could have done differently was leave out the part where one of the confederate soldier’s dog runs to find him and battle and gets killed attempting to protect his master. I would’ve recommended making this the second book instead of the third book. However, I would definitely recommend the series to other readers. If you give the books a chance you won’t regret it by the end.