When God Writes You Love Story

Jenny Bergren

2 Stars

July 6, 2012

This was a painful book for me to read. And, no, not because of the subject manner. The writing was awful. It was almost as if they recorded it and then transcribed it. It reads like someones flow of thought. In the introduction, the authors even expressed their desire to "rewrite the book from scratch" on the ten year anniversary because they were convinced they "could express the message so much better and more profoundly."

There are several books in the Christian market that offer an alternative to the culture of dating. Some of the books I would consider proactive, meaning that they are mainly written for those looking ahead to that stage of life and seeking to make wise decisions in advance. Before You Meet Prince Charming is a great example of this. (I love that book!) Other books are reactive in that they are written to those who are floundering through the stage and culture of dating. I would consider this a reactive book. The authors are reacting to their poor choices and reevaluating the concept of dating. And they are encouraging others to do the same. I think this is an important distinction because it determines who their audience is. If you are considering this book for a young person, please think through where they are. Are they immersed in a dating culture? If yes, this might be a good read. If no, please don't give it to them. You will be surprised at what they learn (and not in a good way).