Book Review: As Silver Refined by Kay Arthur

Liana Botha

3 Stars

July 5, 2012

In As Silver Refined, Kay Arthur tackles one of the most difficult topics for both new and maturing Christians: disappointments and the seeming contradictory nature of a loving God and the reality of pain. With sensitivity, warmth and insight, Kay shows us how God uses disappointments in our lives to refine our faith. It is not just a case of ‘soldiering on’. It is about hopeful, expectant obedience and trust in a good, holy God. If you’ve experienced more of your fair share of pain in life, this book will help locate your struggles in the bigger picture of God’s plan. It is healing, empowering and inspirational. My only complaint is that Kay addresses the reader as ‘beloved’, for reasons she explains in the book itself. I feel her empathy and it’s just a small, editorial niggle, but I don’t like it when authors try to foster a relationship via epithets.