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crystal sebastien

5 Stars

July 4, 2012

I really like this book. If you've ever looked at my shelves, you know that I am a huge fantasy geek. I found this book to be refreshing, clean, and enjoyable. I found it refreshing because Ms. Paul doesn't try to copy Tolkien. A few of the character traits and themes were a bit unoriginal, but I didn't mind it. The characters are all unique in their own way. I found it clean because there is not a single use of profanity anywhere. No innuendos, either. There is quite a bit of violence, but it is not graphic. Good morals and high ethics are upheld, while evil, deceit, and selfishness are shown in their true form: as something to be avoided. What magic is in the book is very mild, and no spells are ever uttered, despite the name. What spells that do come in, are carried out silently. In fact, they never even mention that words are needed for a spell. It is really done through thinking, without mumbo-jumbo. There are good and bad wizards, dragons and mysterious creatures, but nothing obscene. Enjoyable because this book has almost everything in it! Action, adventure, humor, and quiet thoughtful parts. I would recommend this book to anyone searching for a "good read"!