zach williams

4 Stars

July 3, 2012

In Relentless, John Bevere hits on the topic that most Believers, especially those in America need to know- we have the power to not give up in our faith. We have the power to persevere in our faith until we hear the words, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” That is the chief goal of each Christ-follower, but too often, with the day-to-day activities and life in general, we forget that or we allow minor problems to thwart our focus.

Bevere gives a great reminder and encouragement of what our job is to do- persevere. Drawing from personal experiences and the Bible, Bevere is able to relate to us with clarity and importance the call of us to persevere and live our faith, even though our circumstances and situations.

My favorite section starts on page 70 and Bevere reminds us that as Believers, we are heirs. That one word- heir, can change everything. Why? Because we belong to Christ.