The Gospel of Yes

Deron Henry

4 Stars

June 20, 2012

I have to admit...I picked up "The Gospel of Yes" because I know the writer.  Well...not personally mind you...but I do know him.  I've actually met him a couple of times and he follows ME on Twitter. But the main reason I know Mike Glenn is because he is the Pastor of one of the largest churches in Middle Tennessee (quite possibly all of Tennessee) which is where I live and serve at another church.  Brentwood Baptist has always seemed, from an outsiders perspective, to be on the cutting edge of doing church.  One thing they do now that is so inspiring to me is they provide a Tuesday evening worship for the thousands of 20 somethings in the great Nashville area.  The evening is called "Kairos". I have been fascinated by Kairos because of their ability to reach literally hundreds, maybe eve thousands of young college aged students.  Mostly because I work directly with this age group too.  They have so much to offer and sadly many of our church miss out on getting them plugged in.  Brentwood Baptist, while I am sure not perfect, seems to have no problem getting young adults to come together the sole purpose of worshipping God, digging deeper into Hi Word, and building community with other believers just like them. Ah well...I'm not supposed to be writing this post to promote "Kairos".  I am suppose to be promoting Pastor Mike's new book called "The Gospel of Yes."  I was intrigued by the title. (Truthfully i never looked at the title until I received the book...just new that Mike had written it). With so much prosperity gospel being taught & preached in some great churches, I was certain that Mike had not gone down that same path. I felt positive that I did know him that well.  And I was right. "The Gospel of Yes" reveals God's most powerful word and the word that He chose to use the most: Yes!  We believers tend to get sucked into the notion that God is all about telling us no.  "Thou shalt not do this or that..."  Those are the ones we remember most.   We tend to forget all the many promises Jesus made, while not always specifically to us, they were made to believers like us.  So it's fair to say that connect to us as well. There are a couple of the chapters from the book that really impacted me.   Chapter 8 was on forgiving others.  And a great truth taught that when we choose to forgive someone that has wronged us, we will reap benefits even if the other person doesn't respond.  There is so much healing and refreshing that takes place when we choose to forgive someone. Chapter 10 was my favorite chapter in the entire book.  Chapter 10 actually leads into chapter 11, and not just in number only.  The theme sort of flows from chapter 10 and into, and even concluded in chapter 11.  Chapter 10 focuses on finding out who we really are.  Did God create us for this?  If we don't have a deep connection with Christ, we will never fully discover our true identity.  I think this chapter hit home with me because I continually struggle with this.  I know God has created me for specific plans and purposes.  Some I have seen, some I have a glimpse of, and some I have completely no idea about.  And that's just it.  I need to let go from trying so hard to find it on my own.  Because God is the only one that can tell me who I really am. As I stated earlier, chapter 11 flows from chapter 10.  But it moves into the issue of Discovering Your Destiny.  A little deeper way to say "Your True Identity."  Chapter 14 discusses that just as your "Yes"is unique. God's "Yes" is unique as well.  In fact Pastor Mike writes, You can't live someone else's yes" (emphasis on yes is mine) The conclusion of the book, chapter 15, came close to being my favorite.  Pastor Mike uses many biblical characters and the lives they lived to reveal to us (me) that no matter what our circumstances are, we can still find a "Yes" from God in it all.  We all have things that we were counting on going through.  Expenses all the sudden from out of nowhere.  Tragic situations that we never would have expected take a lot out of us.  But as we read in chapter 15, some of the characters mentioned went through much more horrific situations than we may ever go through.  But still they trusted God.  They trusted God in each and every circumstance.  Good times and the bad.  Because of all of the "Yeses" that God had given them. We can say "Yes" to Him who sustains us in everything to do and everywhere we go. Great book Mike. Ever one deserves to read it.