Win over Discouragement and Disappiointment

Jackie Paulson

.5 Stars

June 20, 2012

As Silver Refined by Kay Arthur Answers to life’s Disappointments As a Christian Believer in Christ it is my duty to read and obey the words of Christ. I have to read the bible and mediate on it, day and night as the words say to. This book will guide you to biblical truths to embrace your disappointments to make the divine (HIS APPOINTMENTS). You will learn how and why you need God to handle your trials and make you aware of the consequences if you do not obey God’s ways.
The strategies of Satan are what will happen when we respond wrong to disappointments: • Discourage • Dejection • Despair • Demoralization • Deception • Depression and so much more If you have ever felt helpless, abandoned and as if you are in the wilderness, this book will help you. I loved the insights for the bible and experiences shared to help m clear a path with no more disappointments. © 2012 Jackie Paulson