Being Fearless

Danny Price

5 Stars

June 19, 2012

Eric Blehm’s book, Fearless, tells the story of a life of courage, hope, and ultimately laying your life down for your friend. Adam Brown’s larger than life adventure serve to remind us that anyone can fall but not everyone gets back up.

Adam’s story starts in a small Arkansas town and takes him to the mountains of Afghanistan. His loving wife, Kelley, stands beside him and they fight to carve out a life and place for their family. Adam and Kelley journey through BUDs, medical issues from injuries sustained during deployment, and drug addiction. This book spares no detail as Adam wanted it to be faithful to his life. I find the humility and grace that the Brown family shows to be amazing.

To allow the most intimate details of Adam’s struggle to be revealed does not tarnish his reputation but enhances God’s reputation for fixing broken people who need Him.

Adam’s story carries true heroics to the ends of the earth. However, its humanity shows each of us what we can be when we trust God. Adam was a warrior no doubt. But his identity as a child of God defined him in ways that are unimaginable.

SEALs leave no man behind. As the church, we cannot leave any man behind. A man is a male who rejects passivity and accepts responsibility for his life because of his relationship with God. Adam not only lived up to that definition of manhood. He left behind a legacy for all men who want to know God and follow Him fearlessly.

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