A Highly Enjoyable Read!

Faye Oygard

4.5 Stars

May 3, 2012

Two couples fight for a chance at love.

Aden Zook is a young Amish man who falls for Annie, and Old Order Mennonite, but their love is forbidden. Meanwhile Roman, Aden's twin who is confined to a wheelchair struggles with feelings of self-pity and uselessness, but one fiesty young woman named Marian might just be part of his cure!

Every time I read a book by Cindy Woodsmall, I marvel at how quickly she develops her characters, giving them depth, and the sense that I know them within a few short pages. The four main characters were all very well developed and I loved the little quirks that made them who they are, Aden was especially cute in that way :)

This is the kind of book that swooped me up from the very first page, and I got swept up to another place. While this book looks like just another sweet romance, I was pleased to find that it had a depth to the plot, and the characters had struggles that they had to deal with, ones that weren't easily fixed. The characters had to make sacrifices and choices, in order for them to move on and let go.

There were moments of humor too, with Marian's hilarious little quips! All in all this was a highly enjoyable read that I will happily recommend to Amish fiction lovers or just anyone who needs a great book to put a smile on their face!

I received this book from the publisher as a gift for participating in one of their former promotions. I was not required to write a review at all, but I wanted to :) So thank you!