Intriguing Title

Teresa Zellner

3.5 Stars

April 25, 2012

As I began the book I wasn't too sure I would stay with it; however, as I continued reading, the author's writing style lured me in. In fact, it began a pretty good read.

He challenges us to face our fears and trials and grow from them. Very Biblical and highly relevant. We need to realize that God allows these things to come into our life so we grow in faith and grow in dependence on Him.

I have used quotes from this book in the small group I am in right now about slaying the giants in your life. I recommended the book to our group to use perhaps as a devotional since the chapters are so short. I believe reading this book can help readers recognize the enemies and tactics that come against us, have the right mind-frame that it is allowed by God, and help them be better prepared to face it head on, and to then be victorious in the battle.

This book was provided to me free for review through the Blogging for Books Program.