For the new generation

Lindsey Narmour

5 Stars

April 15, 2012

This is a powerful book, easy to read, and focuses in on an epidemic of new Christians being brought up in entirely different ways than their parents were. Christianity is meant to be shared, author Gabe Lyons argues, but it must be shared in a way that addresses each individual's talents, passions, while still hitting the mark of the sincere, fervent Christian.

There aren't many books like this on the market yet, which is a shame. More and more youth groups are seeing divides over the issues of petty faith: who says what, who does what, which mom will make pizza...PTA meetings all over again, anyone? But Lyons is as much an actionary as a visionary (and yes, I did just make that word up...Lyons exemplifies it). If we young people are to be honest with ourselves, how much of our time is spent in the Word, learning about the faith we claim to live out? And how many efforts of the church encourage that true spiritual nurturing?

This book frankly and dexterously deals with addressing the new generation, showing the older folks how to lead the younger folks in a pathway of righteousness and impact for the Gospel. It reveals seven ways to grab the world, and the new generation, for Christ...but to find out those seven steps, you'll have to read the book for yourself.

"The Next Christians" is a wonderful, powerful, and very overlooked, under-marketed book, and I would recommend it highly, to young or older readers.

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