Chat Room

Nora St Laurent

3.5 Stars

April 8, 2012

Come, My Little Angel - It is a sweet story of how a little girl's dream. It takes place in a small country town.

Daisy James...believes in angels. It's a good thing, too, because if there's one thing the town of Red Bud needs, it's heavenly help. So what if no one else believes ...not even Daisy's ma or her beloved schoolteacher? Daisy knows that angels are real.

Abigail James... bears a heart heavy with bitterness and sorrow. And all this talk from Daisy about God sending His angels to protect their family? It's nothing more than so much folderol that Abigail aims to see brought to a halt.

Percival Taggart... is a down-and-out music teacher, afraid to believe in his own redemption. When his young charges ask for help to bring about a miracle in Red Bud, he can't bear the thought of another failure in his life...until the faith of a child stirs his heart.

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