Useful for the overworked business person

Martin Pilgrim

4 Stars

March 30, 2012

I have to say from the outset that I thoroughly enjoy the communication style of Andy Stanley. His direct, easy to understand and process methods coupled with his purposeful examples from both Scripture and the current world make the reader want to start changing his or her life immediately. While I do agree with the concepts set forth in this book, I believe that it is written to a specific group of people - business people who are overworked and overwhelmed whether by choice or not. I found his reasoning of why change is needed to be very sound and accurate.
If you are a driven work-a-holic whose only diretion is life is to climb, climb, climb then you need to read this book. You have no idea what's at stake for you and your family if you continue down the same path just expecting everything to turn out OK. It won't. I don't believe that any of us want to be at the end of our lives using the statements, "I wish I would have..." or "I wish I wouldn't have..." Don't wait any longer. Make the changes now. For me personally, I do not relate to this specific area of need. My busy schedule does not have anything to do with my work, so putting this into practice will be difficult for me but I do feel that there are some practical steps that I can take to shore up areas of my life that I do need to "Cheat".