A Tale of Two Young Girls on the Journeys of Their Lives

Michelle VanGurp

4 Stars

December 11, 2011

I loved the format of this book, with it's two short stories delicately intertwining the lives of two young girls, Sierra and Christy.

Both stories tell of the girls embarking on summer vacations that hold many possibilities and excitement, with a hint of romance.

In the first tale, "Now Boarding at Gate 10", we are along with Christy Miller and her family on their trip to Wisconsin. She is still aching from a the departure of her boyfriend, Todd, and isn't all too happy about the trip, but once they arrive in Wisconsin, she is reunited with an old friend, and a romantic spark leads her to the conclusion that there is something to be said about finding a balance between life and love, and that there is a place for her in God's world.

In the second tale, "In the Event of a Water Landing", Sierra Jensen is on a journey to Montana with her friend Jana. She is irritated at Jana's boycraziness, and aches for the days when she and her friend could just be themselves. She turns often for guidance from her much-read Bible, and finds a way to be confident in herself as a young woman as she leaves her girlhood days behind her in search of where she fits in the great scheme of things.

I enjoyed both of these novellas, and would recommend them to any young lady for light and comfortable reading. A great little book to give or get for a summer vacation.