Using All 5 Senses with The Dragon and the Turtle

Alicia Kirby

4.5 Stars

December 30, 2010

We recently received a copy of the book The Dragon and the Turtle by Donita K. Paul and Evangeline Denmark, illustrated by Vincent Nguyen. My boys were immediately intrigued. Why? Dragons of course. My boys love dragons and have received many dragon books from their Nana. This was one book they had not yet seen and they were eager to listen. The Dragon and the Turtle tells the story of Padraig the dragon and how rather than fulfilling his own needs (his hungry tummy) he decides to help a new friend. Padraig discovers a lost turtle named Roger. The turtle can not find his house which we quickly learn is brown. Padraig sets out to find Roger's brown house. As the story evolves we learn many more details about Roger's wonderful home. Not only is it brown, but it also has music, smells like chocolate chip cookies, feels like a beach, and tastes like strawberries. Roger using all five senses describes his home. How wonderful! This book can generate a conversation with your child about how he/she would describe their home to another. I love the fact that this book can make a child think on a deeper level about their own home. It even makes me think of my own home as a child.

After describing his home using all five sense Padraig is able to find Roger's house. There they eat some chocolate chip cookies(snappers) with Roger's Mom and the book ends. This book also teaches the value in helping a friend. Padraig put Roger's needs above his own and gained a new friend in the process. There are two special pages at the end of the book dedicated to engaging your child in what it means to be a good friend and a recipe for chocolate chip snappers.

The illustrations in the books are wonderful. Rich, earthy colors fill each page and the dragon and turtle look very friendly. In some books a dragon can be vicious looking, but in his story the dragon is lovable and cute.

We have already read the book several times at our house and I'm sure we will read it many more times in the days to come!