The Scroll

Terri Cureton

3 Stars

October 13, 2011

The Scroll

By Grant R. Jeffrey & Alton L. Gansky

I was very excited to get this book as I was anticipating an exciting, action adventure, page turning book. Once I got through about 150 pages of background information about the archaeologists, I thought things would get more exciting at the "dig sites". Being well over 200 pages into this book, artifacts were finally being discovered. At this point I really felt like the story was really dragging and I almost dreaded getting back to this book. I kept reading and finally at about page 275 of the 339 pages, the action was so intense that I could not put it down. There was some intense drama of political and religious turmoil as biblical artifacts were discovered but the focus was more on Dr. Chambers and his personal journey of losing his faith and rediscovering God.