Where's your shovel?

Wanda Myers

5 Stars

August 9, 2011

Christians don’t know what they believe any more. They don’t know what God says or how to be committed to Him any more. Let’s face it—Christianity in America has changed and it’s not for the better. In Dug Down Deep Joshua Harris addresses this subject and gets to the meat of the problem. Be prepared—Joshua uses such words as theology, orthodoxy and sanctification—words we have not heard in the church setting for way too long. He discusses how so many Christians are living life on the surface and not digging any deeper. And let’s face it—he’s right. We live in a time when people don’t want to be bothered with what they believe. “Just believe in Jesus and nothing else matters.”
Is it any wonder that we are losing our youth or the ones who stay in the church are not effectively living the Christian life? Loving Jesus is a great start but just because we are saved by grace does not mean that God does not require something of us. Its time we get back to the basics and dig down deep. We need to see what we believe and why it matters; and then go live it. Get your shovel and come join me.