Dinner With a Perfect Stranger

Alicia Laird

.5 Stars

August 3, 2011

As an open-minded Christian, I found this book very difficult to read. I am sure that people will disagree with me, stating that this book was AMAZING or LIFE CHANGING. I simply found it...difficult.

The book is about a man who receives an anonymous invitation to have dinner with Jesus. At first, he believes that he is meeting a random person that his friends hired to play "Jesus." He goes into the meeting questioning why he was even going, why his friends would be tricking him, and why this person was playing such a believable role. Jesus has dinner with him and discusses why the world is the way it is, how to act appropriately in the eyes of God, and what he can do in his life in the future.

As a Christian who has her own beliefs, I believe that maybe we could all be wrong and won't find out until we do meet out maker. I feel as if having faith is something that every human wants or needs to get through life's mysteries and heartaches. This book was too much for my open mind.

I saw a cute, little, hundred-page book fall from the envelope. It took me three weeks to read it because I would have a feeling of frustration and anger every time I read it. I did not feel uplifted by this book, and I felt as if it was more a book for people who shared the EXACT feelings of the author. I could barely get through it.