Thirty One Days of Power

Beth Pederson

5 Stars

July 20, 2011

In Thirty-One Days of Power: Learning to Live in Spiritual Victory, authors Ruth and Warren Myers focus on praying the word of God. I believe that prayers that are laced with scripture are the most powerful prayers that can be prayed. I have found some of the daily readings over the 31 days to be particularly helpful. One worth mentioning is Day 25 because at times I struggle with the use of my time. Ruth and Warren have stated in prayer format “May I let You show me how to use my time, where to focus my attention and how to handle my emotions.” This is a great prayer for me to remember to pray often throughout my day. One of the other things I like about this book is where the authors have left journaling space at the end of their reading where I can personally write. In this space I often date and write in specific names and circumstances as I make them a matter of personal prayer for that day. Finally, at the end of this little devotional is a wealth of information regarding Spiritual Warfare that is well written primarily because the Warrens have used not only their own words but the words of Christ. I recommend this book, especially for those who want to learn to pray Scripture or those who find themselves in a spiritual battle. (disclaimer I was given this book at no cost from Multnomah in exchange for my honest opinion about this book. All opinions are mine and mine alone!)