A Prairie Girl's Faith

Shondra Brown

4 Stars

March 8, 2018

Anything related to Laura Ingalls Wilder or Little House on the Prairie is definitely bound to grab my attention.  From the moment I caught my first glimpse of the television show as a child, I longed to be Laura; running free through the prairie fields spending time with Ma and Pa, and even Mary.  I was so excited to see this book become available for review!

While I'll admit I have never fully researched the life of the real Laura Ingalls Wilder, I do know that some of the details from the show were not historically accurate.  I did find this book easy to read and the words flowed flawlessly across the pages.  I'm not here to debate facts, I'm here to tell you if you're looking for an interesting faith-filled read, you'll want to make sure to pick this one up.  Oh...and the cover...I LOVE the design and the layout, it's absolutely beautiful (in my opinion)!