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Excellent for wolf lovers

Zachary Brown

4 Stars

i’ve loved wolves since I was young and reading about how they were brought back to Yellowstone was very interesting. The book isn’t bogged down and dry like some non-fiction can get. It was very easy to read and the author managed to hold…

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Daring to Hope: A Review

Leslie Daniels

5 Stars

Moving to a new country that you have never lived in before can be a huge culture shock. Not knowing the language, customs, and just everyday living can be a challenge. Well, for Katie…

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Count It True Joy Brothers and Sisters

Sarah Northington

5 Stars

I am a cradle Catholic who has worked for the largest evangelical nonprofit in the world, and had to explain my faith to my coworkers often. It was so…

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I wish it was written from an ABA perspective

Emily Ellis

3 Stars

This book has the right idea, but the wrong background perspective in my opinion. I am an ABA therapist. This book has similar…

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Inside the Criminal Mind

Chandler Dungan

3.5 Stars

I felt that this book was a vital read for the trend of psychological thrillers that we are seeing now with other reads like Gone Girl and Girl on the Train. I really enjoyed Samenow's take on how criminal behavior is based more on genetics…

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