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The Great Quake

Marjolein Ensinck

3.5 Stars

When I was eleven years old, the big Sumatra earthquake and following tsunami on Boxing day shook the world with its devastating power. However, it also shook my interest into geology and tectonics. So when I came across The Great Quake:…

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The Crown

kerstin adelt

4 Stars

I had heard that there was a TV show all about Queen. Now I have to admit I have not seen the show yet but when I had the opportunity to read the book I thought why not. So this book is called "The Crown: The Official…

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Perfect Color Reference

Adrianna Montgomery

4 Stars

Jim Krause’s Color Index XL is just one of those books that you’ll want to have next to you when you start any project…

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review of Women in Science

Renee Emerson

4 Stars

I obviously chose to review this book (from Blogging for Books) for the awesome illustrations!  But overall, I found the girls enjoyed it. It is a collection of biographies on women in science (I think I'll write a mini-collection of…

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Fundamentally Flawed.

Lindsay Humes

2 Stars

've read Gretchen Rubin's Better than Before, which I enjoyed. However, "The Four Tendencies" is a struggle to get through. I could not get passed her research methods (anecdotes from her personal and professional life, blogger stories,…

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