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"Med School Uncensored" Book Review

Tia Schmidt

4.5 Stars

"Med School Uncensored" is a detailed survivors guide for anyone attempting or wishing to get into med school. Since my sweet beau's biggest goal right now is getting into med school I thought I would pick this up for him to read when I saw…

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Think more great reference guide than page-turner

Rick Killian

3.5 Stars

Don't be afraid to skim this book. Not every section will be applicable, but those that are make it worth the read. The best thing about this book is it will get you thinking even if you disagree with what…

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Good book

Jenn Kim

5 Stars

Before you drift of thinking this book is another military book, I want you to keep listening. I promise it will be worth your time. 

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Color Index XL


4 Stars

Color Index XL:  More than 1,100 New Palettes with CMYK and RGB Formulas for Designers and Artists by Jim Krause is clearly a tool for a designer or photographer. I have an amateur's interest in design…

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Not an essential biz book

Evan Kusch

2.5 Stars

Part way through the Start Up Wau, I felt like I was missing out with not reading the Lean Start Up, the first book from the same author. This book, to me, was more of the Lean Start Up in practice and with evidence of the work put in with…

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