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"Med School Uncensored" Book Review

Tia Schmidt

4.5 Stars

"Med School Uncensored" is a detailed survivors guide for anyone attempting or wishing to get into med school. Since my sweet beau's biggest goal right now is getting into med school I thought I would pick this up for him to read when I saw…

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Tina Hasan

5 Stars

Great book for anyone considering a start-up! Gives you awesome info on tapping into a profitable side hustle and earn extra…

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Born For This

Shannon Hall

3.5 Stars

This book was not necessarily what I expected, but I loved what it turned out to be. I've read a couple of Chris Guillebeau's other books and I love his style of telling other's stories to illustrate his points. Chris gives a lot of…

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Modern Manners

Carolyn Williams

3 Stars

This book spells out how people should behave today, in our society.  It is well-written and the design is whimsical and interesting.  It didn't have any information that was surprising or very out of the ordinary.  The…

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Perfect Color Reference

Adrianna Montgomery

4 Stars

Jim Krause’s Color Index XL is just one of those books that you’ll want to have next to you when you start any project…

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