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Review: The Travelers by Chris Pavone

Anna Taber

5 Stars

i loved this book. The characters were complex and the story was complicated by lies. Will Rhodes is a travel magazine writer who’s life is a mess. He is in debt, and him and his wife are growing apart.The detailing in the novel is very…

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Not my favorite

Ashley Mortimer

.5 Stars

i honestly didn’t really like this book. I couldn’t get into it and I didn’t even finish it.  I later discovered that this book is not the first in the series and that explains why I was not into it and was very confused the entire time…

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Entertaining and Suspensful

Jamie Myers

5 Stars

This book keeps you interested until the end when you look at the page asking for a review and think, "wait! That can't be the…

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Here and Gone from my mind

Marie Hydukovich

2 Stars

I had a tough time with this book. I knew when I requested it that it would difficult, as it's not my usual genre. But I tried it anyway. I think it is well-written, and probably something that the majority of adults who like…

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Review time!

Jennifer Doehler

3.5 Stars

Oh boy, this was edge of the seat stuff as the race begins to find out what happened to Audra's children, and it takes us to some very dark places along the…

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