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Last Stop in Brooklyn

Megan Jones

5 Stars

I love a good mystery, whodunit, and this is one to put in the list. Mary Handley is a remarkable and  a character not soon forgotten. The historical significance to this novel makes you feel right in Victorian times, and Coney Island…

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Review of "Last Stop in Brooklyn"by Lawrence H. Levy

Jorryn Alexis

1 Star

I have officially decided to put this book down for the sake of my own sanity. Last Stop in…

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9 Reasons Why Last Stop In Brooklyn by Lawrence H. Levy is Great

Kayla Thorp

4 Stars

1. The structure of the book is good. The chapters are not too long; they’re all around ten pages in length. I personally appreciated the consistency.2. There’s a romance boiling throughout the novel. The dynamic between the two…

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Candace Robinson

5 Stars

This book sucked me in and didn’t let go until the last page. At first, I wasn’t sure if this was a book that I would want to read or let alone like, but I did! The characters were well developed, and the writigg was really good. I can’t…

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Sherlock Holmes & Nancy Drew Combined!

hannah correa

5 Stars

This novel really reminded me of Sherlock Holmes & Nancy Drew! I am a LOVER of anything detective and/or Mystery driven. This was so fun and I really enjoyed unfolding the story! Mary is a strong and independent woman who doesn't take no…

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