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New Boy

Lisa Grissinger

4 Stars

Othello in a 1970's suburban Washington schoolyard.  Interesting read!  Well done book that will appeal to fans of the author's previous books as well…

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Review: Book of Esther

Deanna Vasso

2 Stars

I wanted to like this book way more than I did. I actually had…

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White fur

Celia Martinez

5 Stars

This book was really amazing . It changed the way i think and opened up my mind. I learned a couple of things from this book. It was a great experience to find out this fantasy book thats really opened about sex and drugs. I really liked the…

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If I Fall, Review

Tiffany Anderson

3 Stars

A story about fear, love, friendship, and the evolution of relationships. I enjoyed reading this coming of age story about Will, a child once stuck on the Inside and now diving head first into the Outside. Experiencing the world for the…

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