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Across the Blue by Carrie Turansky

James Everett Hannabass

5 Stars

I immediately liked James and Bella. James was young and trying his best to be the first one to fly across the English channel, and Bella acted like a normal…

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Across the Blue ~ Review

Meagan Myhren-Bennett

5 Stars

Across the BlueBy Carrie TuranskyThe first flight across the English Channel is on the minds of everyone who has an interest in the emerging field of aviation. Who will be first? And from which coast…

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An interesting way to look at a divorce

Annie Hicks

3 Stars

when i first picked this book from the pile to read and review, i had gotten to the pile late, so therefore all that was available was this. when i got around to finally reading it, i was ready to finish my current book. however when i…

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O and Dee

Emily Congdon

4.5 Stars

A quick, yet hard-hitting read, Tracy Chevalier tackles Othello in an accessible and fast-paced retelling. Without losing any of the drama, tragedy, or heartbreak, Chevalier places Othello into a 1970's suburban playground. This little novel…

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A Posion Dark and Drowning (DNF)

Jessica Pupillo

.5 Stars

I liked the first book, but I had to DNF this one. The issue I have with sequels is when they do not at least somewhat explain what happened in the last book. I had not read the last book in so long and I would have appreciated a explanation…

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