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Mystery lovers dream

Taylor Hann

4 Stars

I loved this book. It was interesting to find out the mystery behind the daughters in the roanoke family. I also enjoyed the writing style. The author was amazing at creating an environment and family background full of my mystery and…

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The Glorious Heresies

Kjell Hansen

4.5 Stars

McInerney does an amazing job of transporting the reader to Ireland.  From the slang an voice to the description of the characters environment.  She is able to paint the picture.  I wasn't sure who was…

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No One Ever Asked and now I know why

Christine Antosca

3.5 Stars

Camille was absolutely the worst in this book.  And why was it said to be about three women?  It was mostly about Camille which made parts of the book boring.  Would've liked more about the other two women.Taylor and…

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Haunting The Deep Review

Rose Montgomery

5 Stars

This book is a page turner. I like to change it up on what I read and this book provided me mystery, suspense and a little love. It was an easy to follow book. Great detail throughout the story to make your imagination run wild. I could…

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When God Made You

Jonathan bradley

5 Stars

When God Made You – A ReviewWhen God Made You, written by Matthew Paul Turner and illustrated by David Catrow, is a delightful children’s book.  Written completely in rhyme it brings to mind the timeless…

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