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The Radicals

Tiffany Hemphill

4 Stars

A beautiful novel that examines the mucky personal and human side of activism, and how those threads both complement and…

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Last Stop In Brooklyn

Kasey Hamlin

2.5 Stars

I could not get through this book. It wasn't poorly written or anything. It just did not hold my attention. I was trying to find something different to read. But I just can't get into mysteries. I think that anyone into historical books and…

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SECRET Revealed

Sara Strand

3 Stars

I will agree, the erotic scenes in the book are amazing, and on par with the other two. I can't say they are lacking at all. I think what gets to me the most is Will being all judgmental and pretty freaking rude, and Cassie…

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Charming Read

Ashley Browns

3.5 Stars

This book was a great book for any age.  The plot was rich in my opinion and it held my attention the whole time reading it. i feel like there could have been better parts to this story but overall it was a really great book that would…

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