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Cheap Chic

Lalita Lalsingh

3 Stars


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Look and Dress like a Fashionista without the expense

Monica Kelly

4 Stars

The principles that made many famous fashionista rich and famous I think came from this book. This book has saved me not only time but money as well and it makes it so easy to get dressed in the morning!  The photos in the book…

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Book Review: Cheap Chic

Jenna Newsome

3 Stars

Cheap Chic was a 1970's fashion Bible of sorts. It tells all about every tip or trick in the fashion world. What are the basic staples, the…

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Unrealized Potential

Kristin Whitehair

1 Star

This re-release had potential that is unrealized.  It is simply a reprint with a new introduction.  The photos are low-quality.  No content is updated.This could have been an amazing book with updates.  The…

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