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Zen Camera

Cindi Adkins

4 Stars

This was such a good book! I was hooked from the first sentence. So well done, and the characters drew me in from the beginning, hated having to finish this book because I didn't want it…

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The Print Workshop

Katerina Tadenev

4 Stars

The Japanese Woodblock Print Workshop is an wonderful book that discusses the theory, creation, and tools that were historically used in the process of creating woodblock prints. Currently we have an abundance of techniques that allow us to…

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not so genius

Barbara Valianti

2 Stars

book review: Story Genius, by Lisa Cron If you want to read a good book, on writing try anything but this one.  I recommend Writing Down the Bones, by Natalie Goldberg, and On Writing, by Stephen King.  This book is boring…

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Tidying up

Christine Fernandez

5 Stars

The first impression I had was oh my gosh the cover is cute and another book of Marie Kondo. I put off reading this comic version until I was in a runt trying to get motivated me to read this and start cleaning. Not that I'm so messy but get…

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